About H12

Art of Life: The ability and desire to enjoy life.

H12 Art of Life
H12 is a global collection of art and lifestyle hotels, which was created with the idea of putting “a bed into an art gallery”. H12 works with a concept story of 12 local and international artists for each of its iconic properties to create a “Glocal” atmosphere and a stimulating experience. The number 12 also represents the hours of the day and night, months in the year, and as well, the eastern and western zodiac signs. The “H” in H12 stands for the passionate heart of the hosts who make friends out of guests. H12 creates happy, humble, hugging, healthy, humorous, homemade, and hip experiences.

The Naked Truth
The “Naked Truth” is the company’s vision. H12 will grow to 30 unique art and lifestyle hotels in the next years. H12 is located in iconic places with stimulating art and its warm, relaxed yet efficient services, make friends out of guests. H12 offers locally grown yummy food, the brand’s own wines and cool music, which create a synergic mix of the East and West.

H12 – Sleeping in an art gallery
Picasso says: “There is the artist that makes a yellow spot out of the sun, but there is also the artist that creates the sun out of a yellow spot”.
H12 is an artistic hub that always features 12 main artists. Every hotel doubles as an art gallery, featuring various international and local artists. As well, H12 has created an “Artist in Residence” program, whereby the guests of H12 have the opportunity to directly interact, and sometimes participate, in the creative process. Discovering H12 leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

Our Promise
H12 stands for new luxury. No pompous marble lobbies and no crystal chandeliers unless they are hanging from a tree for a romantic dinner for two. The locations are remote and spectacular or urban and iconic. Our motto says it all: “Put service first and success will follow”. The warm-hearted employees of H12 are warm-hearted people who stand for the essence of our success. Our passion and personality create a place better than home. You will arrive as a guest and leave as our friend.